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Business Marketing Tips for Senior Entrepreneurs

Carla Lopez  | Published on 12/6/2021

Business Marketing Tips for Senior Entrepreneurs


If you've always wanted to explore entrepreneurship, retirement is the perfect time to start. Whether you're launching a part-time hobby business or a second-career startup, marketing should be one of your first action items. With an effective marketing strategy and the right channels, you can boost brand recognition and accelerate growth from the get-go.


Build a Professional Website


A well-designed website is the most important marketing tool for a new company. It's the first point of contact for most customers; 81% of shoppers research a company online before buying.


Are you new to web development? Save time by hiring an agency to whip up a simple site, or check out beginner-friendly website builders like Squarespace and Wix. Whether your company serves people in Missoula, Montana or across the country, consider adding a blog to your website. Every post is an opportunity to reach customers.


Complete and Claim Your Google Business Profile


When someone wants to find a product or service, they go to one place: Google. Make sure your company shows up in search results by completing your Google business profile. Then, use your Google account to verify the listing and claim ownership.


Encourage Word-of-Mouth Advertising


In the early stages of entrepreneurship, word-of-mouth advertising is a powerful asset. Don't wait for it to happen organically — actively ask for referrals from happy customers. While you're at it, spread the word to everyone you know. Send an email to personal and professional contacts, announce the launch on your Facebook page, and talk about the company at social events. You never know who might pass along your name.


Establish a Presence in the Community


Do you depend on local customers? Increase brand awareness by creating a presence in the community.


  • Set up a booth at craft fairs, farmers markets, and festivals
  • Join the local chamber of commerce
  • Attend small business association networking events
  • Volunteer with local nonprofits
  • Sponsor community events and organizations


Whenever possible, build trust by giving customers the chance to try your product or service. If you're selling baked goods at farmers' markets, offer samples. Do you sell a physical item? Put one on display for customers to examine. For a service-based business, you can reduce the barriers to entry by offering coupons or special grand-opening discounts. 


Join Forces With Other Local Businesses


Maximize your marketing budget by leveraging existing audiences. Identify local companies with complementary — but not competing — audiences, and create mutually beneficial partnerships. 


Some ideas include:


  • Selling small products in coffee shops and boutiques
  • Offering a workshop at a local business
  • Hosting a themed shopping event with other businesses
  • Offering package deals with another company


Promote Your Business on Social Media


Social media is a free way to expose your company to a wide range of people. According to the Pew Research Center, 72% of American adults use social media platforms.


Use your profile to:


  • Introduce new products and services
  • Announce sales and discounts
  • Answer customer questions
  • Show behind-the-scenes photos


Effective Marketing for Entrepreneurs


When you're starting a company later in life, effective marketing is a great way to expand your audience and boost business growth. A supportive professional network can be a valuable resource. Local business and networking events hosted by Big Sky SHRM are a great way to connect with other entrepreneurs. Sign up today!

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